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Innovative Net Learning Limited – Our Mission is to develop a strategy for the N-generation that will provide quality education solution for their future. Through innovative Learning Apps, we take the approach of educational transformation and the school-based curriculum development, and join the teaching professions in bringing "Edutainment & Learning Everywhere".


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Innovative Net Learning Limited 教育網絡 的發展方針就是為 N 世代 (Net Generation) 的孩子提供符合未來需求的優質教育,透過創意無限的 Learning Apps,結合教學轉向及學校課程設計,與學界携手踏進 Edutainment & Learning Everywhere 的學習 N 世代。


Our Business 業務發展
- iPad App Learning 課程發展

- iPad Learning App 設計及製作

- Apple App Developer 蘋果應用軟件開發者

- iPad App Learning 校本支援服務

- Partner of the Pilot School for the "Pilot Scheme on e-Learning in Schools" of
  Education Bureau 教育局學校電子學習試驗計劃入選學校合作伙伴

- Mathematics Supplementary Exercises Publishing 數學專科補充教材出版

- Children Edutainment Platform 兒童多媒體 Edutainment平台


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